The EU-Bridge portal has to allow the user to understand the main characteristics of the EU-Bridge project and allows having a web portal by which the user can connect to and use the provided services for both transcription and translation.    


EU-BRIDGE aims at developing automatic transcription and translation technology that will permit the development of innovative multimedia captioning and translation services of audiovisual documents between European and non-European languages. The project will provide streaming technology that can convert speech from lectures, meetings, and telephone conversations into the text in another language. Therefore EU-BRIDGE intends to put together academics, engineering and business expertise in order to create competitive offers to existing needs of translation, communication, content processing and publishing. The four use cases are: Captioning Translation for TV broadcasts, University Lecture Translations, European Parliament Translations, Unified Communication Translation. The prospective users of the project are European companies operating in an audiovisual market (in particular TV captioning and translation). The work leading to these results has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement n°287658.


PerVoice SpA develops and markets speech recognition technologies for use in industries such as broadcasting, media monitoring, call centers, health care and reporting. The PerVoice Speech-to-Text Engine – based on research at Fondazione Bruno Kessler – provides speaker-independent transcriptions in multiple languages. The system can use very large vocabularies and is robust enough to recognize and ignore many kinds of background noise, making it useful in non-studio conditions, as well. PerVoice transcription solutions add value to traditional audio or Audio/Visual files by permanently synchronizing text with audio. You can create Audio/Visual indexes and search for keywords, easily correct and certify transcriptions, automate subtitling and closed-captioning processes, find out what customers are thinking when they talk to a Call Center operator, and analyze content for word use and frequency. You can also integrate PerVoice products with other upstream and downstream IT solutions. PerVoice SpA is a private company controlled by a leading Italian ICT Group. Other stakeholders include public and private investors, research institutions and managers.